Located in southeast Europe on the Balkan peninsula, Bosnia & Herzegovina is home to brilliant blue-green rivers, craggy mountains, medieval villages, and a culture that blends east with west and Ottoman with Austro-Hungarian influences.   
BASICS /// Flag: 🇧🇦 // Capital: Sarajevo // Currency: convertible mark // Languages: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian


Capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, a historical meeting point between east and west. 
Latin Bridge: An Ottoman bridge over the river Miljacka; a plaque at the northern end commemorates the place where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914.
Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures: An inlaid marker on Ferhadija Street from which it is possible to view the visual demarcation between the Ottoman area of the city and the Austro-Hungarian area of the city.
Sebilj: An Ottoman-style wooden fountain in the center of Baščaršija square.
Times of Misfortune Tour: A well-led tour that provides in-depth background on the siege of Sarajevo during 1992-1995, including a visit to the Tunnel Museum.
Stroll through Baščaršija: Admire the Ottoman-style architecture in the old bazaar quarter of the city and stock up on silver and copper items from artisans.
Dveri: A charming restaurant with herbs on the wall and a menu serving meats, goulash and other local/international dishes.
Cevabdzinica Zeljo 1: A favorite among locals for ćevapčići.
Cafe Slasticarna Ramis: A century-old sweet and pastry shop with delightful offerings; try the tufahija.
City in southern Bosnia & Herzegovina with a famed bridge. 
Stari Most: A breathtaking 16th-century Ottoman bridge (rebuilt post-war) that crosses the river Neretva.
Kriva Ćuprija: The "crooked bridge"; a mini version of Stari Most, believed to have been a trial run for building the much larger version.
Konoba Taurus: Restaurant serving local and European dishes (try the stuffed cabbage!); sit outside on the lovely patio for a view of Kriva Ćuprija and to catch the strains of nearby musical entertainment.
Hindin Han: Restaurant serving local and European dishes; sit on the deck for beautiful river views. 
Village near Mostar with a stunning monastery.
Blagaj Tekija: A nearly 600-year old Dervish monastery set along a turquoise river beneath a towering cliff.
Restoran Vrelo: A riverside restaurant facing Blagaj Tekija; try one of the many preparations of fresh-caught river trout.


Ivo Andrić
A writer and poet who wrote mainly about life in Bosnia under Ottoman rule; won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1961.
Death and the Dervish
A 1966 novel by Meša Selimović that takes place in 18th century Ottoman-era Sarajevo and examines themes of futility and resistance.
Safvet-beg Bašagić
A writer and poet often called the father of the Bosnian renaissance; his works span the late 19th century to early 20th century.
Zlata's Diary
A diary account by a young girl -- Zlata Filipović -- of her experience living through the siege of Sarajevo.
Aleksandar Hemon
A contemporary Bosnian-American writer, essayist and critic. (See READING IN / Hemon in Sarajevo).
The Perfect Circle
Set during the siege of Sarajevo, this film chronicles a poet and his family's attempt to escape the city.
Grbavica: The Land of my Dreams
Follows a young single mother and addresses broader themes of the aftermath of widespread sexual violence perpetrated during the Yugoslav wars.
No Man’s Land
Set in 1993, this film tells the story of two soldiers from opposing sides of the conflict trapped together in a no man's land.  
Mersad Berber
A painter and graphic artist whose cycles of paintings drew from Bosnian history from medieval times to current events.
Safet Zec
Painter and graphic designer who was a major exponent of poetic realism (a recreated, lyrical style of realism).
Braco Dimitrijevic
An artist whose work addresses history and the individual's place in it; came to prominence with a series of photographs in the 70s called "Casual Passer-by."
Ćevapčići (or ćevapi)
A grilled dish of skinless sausage; often served with flatbread, onions and sour cream.
Walnut-stuffed apples stewed in sugar water; often served with whipped cream on top.
Dumplings stuffed with cheese or minced meat.
Bosanski Lonac
Slow-cooked stew with meat and vegetables.
Sweet or savory balls of fried dough.