See below for a brief overview of the various features and content on this site to guide you in your travels through its pages.

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The heart of the site, featuring longer pieces from travels near and far exploring the history and underlying stories of a place.


Photo essays for showing rather than telling.

– Around the World

A spin around the globe in a series of thematically-grouped images.

– Walking Tours

The sights seen on a stroll through a particular place or places.

– One of a Kind

Photographs focusing on a common element.

– Scenic routes

Natural scenery and the lay of the land.


Observations and context from the realm of arts & culture.

– Aesthetica

File notes for works of art and architecture.

– Object Study

Objects encountered and background on their purpose.

– Reading In

Words from a country, city, or region’s famous writer paired with images from that locale.

– Pastime

Explorations of an activity or tradition.

– Happenings

Details for events and festivals worth traveling for.


Shorter pieces that venture off the beaten path of the site for a bit of levity.

– Untranslatable

So many languages (particularly German) have perfect, untranslatable words to encapsulate complex feelings that require paragraphs to express in English. My envy of these words, coupled with the singular experiences I’ve encountered while traveling, have led me to invent some of my own.

– Road fables

You know what they say about the best-laid plans. Behind many beautiful images from the road lie cautionary tales, which I share along with the morals I drew from them.


Curated and deeply non-comprehensive guides to countries featured on the site, including itineraries (recommendations for things to see and do) and culture files (recommendations for things to read, eat, watch and listen to).