WHAT IS project one thousand?

Every picture tells a story – a thousand words’ worth of story, as the saying goes.

These days we are inundated with a constant flow of images and information competing for our attention. With numerous demands on our time, we can often only ride this current on the surface. And yet – one picture, rooted in time and place, can speak volumes to us if we take the time to listen.

project one thousand is a site for curious travelers, or simply the curious; those who wish to not just see the world, but also learn from it. Its founding premise is simple: one photo accompanied by one piece (of a thousand words or less) to explore a place and the stories and meaning that lie underneath.

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Hi there, I’m Nina.

I believe in the power of stories, and I particularly believed Joan Didion when she wrote “we tell ourselves stories in order to live.” By the mere act of living, we create a web of stories embedded with people and places that connects us to the world around us (and perhaps even changes the way we see it).

I am decidedly a product of all the places I’ve been (and, not to be too Dr. Seuss about it, all the places I will go). I am also an ardent fan of longform writing and essayists who don’t simply write about places, but capture the very feeling of being in that place. project one thousand is a modest attempt to capture my experiences and what I’ve learned from the beautiful, inspiring and interesting corners of the world.1

I grew up in idyllic small-town New England but was fortunate enough to begin travelling the world from a very young age. I haven’t stopped since. While I love tumbleweeding around the globe, I’ve put down roots in New York City, Washington DC, and most recently, London. Luckily, my partner (in travel and in life), Daniel, loves adventures as much as I do. I am deeply devoted to all forms of the arts, especially the written word (for more words, see my Directory of Dog-Eared Pages). If you spend even a minimal amount of time on this site you will discover that I also adore footnotes.2I’m a lawyer by training but also a creative soul with a very healthy dose of curiosity about the world. I recently left my corporate lawyering job to spend some time living slowly and exploring full-heartedly.

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All images and words on project one thousand are my own (unless otherwise indicated).