ROAD FABLES / Downhill from Here

Once upon a time . . .

We agreed to meet others at Cerro de las Tres Cruces (Hill of the Three Crosses) to hike the trail to the top and decided to catch a taxi there. Being unfamiliar with the area, we didn’t know where the trail began or how long it was supposed to be, but our driver remained determined to get us to our assumed destination. Eventually, we encountered a stretch of road so steep the taxi could not ascend it. We hopped out and watched, concerned, as the driver — unable to turn around — inched slowly backwards down the slope, unfazed by the lack of guardrails and the sheer drop just behind him. We walked a short distance further and found ourselves at the top of the trail, a hill away from our companions waiting at the bottom.

Moral of the story

Check the location of trailheads in advance, lest you find yourself going by car the distance you’d intended to cross by foot.

Photo: Cerro de las Tres Cruces, Medellín, Colombia / November 2016

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