ROAD FABLES / High Voltage


In the midst of a trip around Iceland’s Ring Road, we woke early one morning in a small B&B in the southeast of the country. On our stroll to where we’d parked we saw a paddock filled with several Icelandic horses. The horses were curious and friendly — as they were in all our previous encounters, it being impossible not to pull over and greet the horses whenever we passed — and they approached the wire fence where we were standing. Daniel walked over, hand outstretched, ready to pet a velvet snout or pat the horses’ long, silky manes. Minutes later, I heard a loud “oh,” not one of pain so much as surprise. He came back, shaking his head, looking chastened. “So,” he said, “it turns out that’s an electric fence.”


Not all hazards are signposted; be cautious when off piste on unfamiliar property.

Photo : Höfn, Iceland / July 2016

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