AESTHETICA / Nebotičnik


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Vladimir Šubic




At thirteen stories (231 feet), the Nebotičnik skyscraper was, at the time of its completion, the tallest building in Yugoslavia, the ninth-tallest high rise in Europe, and, for a period of time, the tallest residential building in Europe. It didn’t achieve this height without controversy, however. Many residents were angry that the building would eclipse the height of Ljubljana’s church belltowers, thus disrupting (and, in their view, destroying) the city’s baroque skyline. Today, however, the skyscraper has become a well-recognized and well-loved symbol of the city.


Given that there seems to be an ongoing global battle to erect the world’s tallest building – sending us higher and higher into the clouds – it takes some effort to imagine the relatively modest Nebotičnik as a skyscraper. It serves as a lovely counterpoint, though, to the steel and glass giants currently favored around the world. The blockiness of its shape is set off by the crown of an observation deck, and its white facade is tempered by Art Deco embellishments. Rather than modern and fragile, it looks solid and timeless.

Photo: Ljubljana, Slovenia / June 2016

BONUS: Spiral staircase

Inside the Nebotičnik, nearly as much attention was paid to design as for the exterior. Thus the building features a stunning Art Deco spiral staircase which goes all the way from the ground to the tenth floor.

Photo: Ljubljana, Slovenia / June 2016

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