HAPPENINGS / Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna)


Every (sunny) Friday between mid-March and October, from 10am-9pm (11pm in summer).


Ljubljana, Slovenia. The stands are set up in Pogačarjev trg square – follow the crowds there.


Dozens of chefs from restaurants all over Slovenia.


A busy market featuring Slovenian and international foods made by chefs who cook fresh bites right in front of you at their stalls. In addition to tasting a variety of dishes, you can also chat with the chefs and learn more about Slovenian cuisine and food preparation techniques. 


It’s hard to pass up an opportunity to sample so many different Slovenian dishes as well as other types of cuisines in one immensely pleasant stroll through a riverside square. Given the wealth of talented chefs who set up in the market (many of whom are associated with internationally recognized Slovenian restaurants), it’s likely that every bite you have will be delicious. You can find a perfectly-plated dish paired with a glass of wine or a messy gourmet hamburger – any food experience you can think of is likely on offer.

Photo: Ljubljana, Slovenia / June 2016

Open Kitchen website

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