WALKING TOURS / Chefchaouen

Cradled by scrubby mountains, a blue-hued city appears in the distance. Inside its walls, the medina is as if conjured up in a Pantone board room, or else the living embodiment of Picasso’s blue period: every possible shade of blue, set off by burnt-orange terracotta roofs. Cheerful flowerpots line the walls, trellised vines drape the walkways, and grey cobblestone paths lead the way. Every step you take, further into the blue.

Chefchaouen is a town in northern Morocco, set in the Rif Mountains. Its famously blue medina is said to originate with Jewish refugees who settled in the region in the early twentieth century and painted their walls this color to symbolize the sky and heaven. Others theorize that the blue is intended as a natural mosquito repellent. Either way, the city has retained its incredibly photogenic color scheme to this day. 

? : Chefchaouen, Morocco / May 2016

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