WALKING TOURS / Barrio Santa Cruz

In the late spring heat, any bit of shade is a welcome respite, and the barrio Santa Cruz affords plenty: a shadowy corner under a crisp white awning; a tree-lined patio filled with an explosion of blooms; an old hospice with walkways that lead to a dark, heavy-curtained room lined with invaluable paintings. Thus refreshed, it’s easy to while away the rest of the day soaking up the sun in the plazas to the sounds of horse hooves on cobblestones.

The barrio Santa Cruz is a neighborhood forming the heart of Seville, filled with churches, mansions, gardens and historic sites. Formerly the Jewish quarter, the area features the Alcázar, the Cathedral and Giralda, and the Hospital de los Venerables, in addition to numerous inviting plazas and patios.  

Photos : Santa Cruz, Seville, Spain / May 2016

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