A series of winding roads leads upwards until we reach the spectacular mirador looking across to the Alhambra. We pass painters sprucing up a local church, immaculate whitewashed hillside villas, and vines crawling down stone walls. Every hairpin bend comes with a view, the red-tiled roofs of Granada spread out below.

While the Alhambra draws continuous crowds to Granada, that’s not the only World Heritage Site in town: the Albaicín (or “Albayzín”), a residential district set on a hill facing the Alhambra, is also listed. Originally the Moorish quarter, the Albaicín features narrow streets, old public baths and numerous examples of the carmen, a traditional house with high walls blocking the view from the street, and small orchards or gardens inside. 

Photos: Albaicín, Granada, Spain / May 2016

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