PASTIME / Tapas in Granada

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well, everyone. But in Granada there’s such a thing as free tapas, and it’s one of the few places in Spain where this tradition remains. 

Step 1 : Find a table (or barrel)

Traditional spots are best (barrels as tables and haunches over the bar are the atmosphere to go for). You may need to keep your elbows out, as eating at the popular places can be a full-contact sport. 

Step 2 : Order a drink

When your drink arrives, (in most places) it will be accompanied by a tapas of the restaurant’s choice. Usually these are made in bulk, so if you want a heads up, take a look at what the table next to you is eating. Traditional tapas are by nature humble, economical dishes, so expect, for example, meats or cheeses with breads and/or potato omelettes.

Step 3 : Order more drinks (and ask for a menu)

When you’re ready, repeat step two. It’s thought that tapas originated in Spain as a mid-morning snack for field-workers, and it is now meant to be consumed as a light appetizer to accompany wine or beer. However, depending on the number of times you repeat step two, and whether you take a look at the paid options on the menu, you may find that there is a very fine and precarious line between “snack” and “full meal.”

Photo : Bodegas Castañeda, Granada, Spain / May 2016

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