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Laâbi’s work reflects his position (as he has referred to himself) as “a universal Moroccan. I am all that human culture has made of me, with its diversity and its pluralism.”

Abdellatif Laâbi is a Moroccan poet and writer who was born in Fez in 1942. In 1966, with several other poets, he co-founded the artistic and literary review Souffles, which became an influential journal among the countries of the Maghreb before being banned in 1972. That year, Laâbi was imprisoned for his political beliefs and writings (which were critical of authoritarian regimes) and remained there until being released in 1980. He has remained in self-imposed exile in France since 1985, where he has continued his poetic output, some of which is now being translated into English for the first time.


From “Poems Fallen From the Train”

Photo: Tangier, Morocco / May 2016


From “My Mother’s Language”

Photo : Rissani, Morocco / May 2016


From “Poems Fallen from the Train”

Photo : Erg Chebbi, Morocco / May 2016



Photo : Chefchaouen, Morocco / May 2016


From “In Vain I Migrate”

Photo : Fez, Morocco / May 2016


“Burn the Midnight Oil”

Photo : Fez, Morocco / May 2016

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