WALKING TOURS / Moroccan medinas & souks

Winding alleys beckon, each one promising a deeply photogenic slice of daily Moroccan life. The smell of spices in every inhale, the call of vendors inviting you to enter shops lined with colorful goods, and a vista of open sky in courtyards hidden behind narrow doorways. Rugs hang from rafters, artisans’ tools clang in the distance, and you are nearly run over by a pack animal at every corner. Each day you take a different route home, part by accident, and part on purpose.

Many Moroccan cities contain a medina, a labyrinthine and typically walled quarter with narrow, winding streets. These quarters are the oldest parts of the city, often dating to medieval times and containing historical homes, mosques, medersas and caravanserai and shops where traders have bought and sold goods for ages.

Photos: Fez, Moulay Idriss, Rissani, and Tangier, Morocco / May 2016

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