ROAD FABLES / The Missing Lake

Once upon a time . . .

We were driving from Fez to Moulay Idriss with the aid of Google Maps. A drizzle had started, and we were on a road through patchwork farmland surrounded by hills. The Google navigatrix demanded we turn off the road onto what appeared to be a shortcut on a bridge over a body of water. Not wanting to anger her, we did.

A few feet into the road the sky opened up and we peered through sheets of rain trying to discern the body of water the map had placed us on. We stopped for a moment to regroup. The map was adamant that we were on a road across a lake which would eventually join a larger road on the other side. We almost convinced ourselves this was the case, that perhaps the lake had dried up since Google’s last pass and this road had not been adequately maintained. But in the end, there was only farmland and a robot voice’s promise of a road in the distance. So we turned around.

moral of the story

Always trust your eyes over Google Maps (or any map, for that matter).

Photo : Outside Moulay Idriss, Morocco / May 2016

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