OBJECT STUDY / Medina fountains


In your wanderings through any Moroccan medina (particularly the Fez medina) you will inevitably come upon a beautifully-tiled fountain, often the centerpiece of a small square formed by the meeting point of multiple lanes. Despite the decorative appearance, they are usually fully functional, and if you stay awhile you may witness passersby stopping for a drink.


In Morocco’s arid climate, water has always been essential to life. Medinas are the original cities of North Africa, an age-old place of everyday life. Given that indoor plumbing is a relatively recent amenity, many neighborhoods or areas were structured around their own sources of water: these public fountains. Such fountains may be used for cooking, watering plants or gardens, giving water to domestic animals or, of course, quenching one’s own thirst.

Photo : Moulay Idriss, Morocco / May 2016

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