ROAD FABLES / Highland ‘Ow

once upon a time . . .

We came back to our hotel set on expansive acreage in Edinburgh and found a Highland Cow in the front pasture. The perplexing combination of immense fuzziness and razor-sharp horns makes Highland Cows irresistible; to me, it’s as if a golden retriever grew shark teeth. If you are fortunate enough to come upon such a creature, how are you supposed to resist saying hello?

The cow was placidly chewing a piece of straw and seemed altogether oblivious to our presence as we walked up to the fence. Though, to be honest, it’s a bit difficult to tell where a Highland Cow is looking given the lock of hair usually covering its eyes.

Daniel picked up pieces of straw from the ground and approached, slowly extending fingers and straw through the fence. The cow turned towards us and appeared to study Daniel, considering its options. It took a step forward. It dropped its head as if to accept the offering of the straw, and for a moment we were delighted. Then, suddenly, it reared its head up, horns first, in a distinctive goring motion. We backed away slowly while the cow watched us, silently chewing its cud.

moral of the story

Always approach wild animals, especially horned ones, with extreme caution.

Photo : Edinburgh, Scotland / March 2016

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