HAPPENINGS / Fez Festival of World Sacred Music


Annually, typically over several days in mid-May.


Fez, Morocco. Venues are spread throughout the city, ranging from the enormous Bab al Makina, an old parade ground, to small gardens at local hotels.


Numerous leading world musicians and scholars of various nationalities and faiths.


An over 20-year old festival drawing crowds from around the world for sold-out performances, talks, and free concerts featuring an eclectic mix of world musical genres and religions.


The atmosphere at the performances, and even within the city while the festival is going on, is pure magic. The production values for the large-scale events are superb, though the performances in smaller venues can often feel more intimate and therefore meaningful. You will invariably leave performances feeling uplifted, and part of a powerful bridge-building exercise to connect the world’s peoples through music.

For a glimpse of the festival’s opening night in May 2016, please watch the clip below.

Photo & Video: Opening night of the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music 2016, “A Sky Full of Stars”, Bab al Makina, Morocco / May 2016

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