ROAD FABLES / Blizzard Conditions

Once upon a time . . .

We picked up our rental car at Tromsø airport, intending to drive an aggressive itinerary six hours southwest to the Lofoten Islands. As we entered the airport, we saw a few snowflakes falling, which seemed unremarkable given we were above the Arctic Circle in winter. However, as we left the airport, keys in hand, the snow had ramped up considerably and was falling steadily. There was already noticeable accumulation on the windshield when we left.

We set off anyway, partially because I have a hard time letting go of plans. The light faded rapidly and the snow increased exponentially until we arrived at 5pm, in pitch black darkness and a legitimate blizzard. The snow seemed to be falling in all directions at once, and were it not for the permanent snowbanks piled high on each side, we would not have been able to make out the road. We slowed to a crawl, inching forward in the range of vision our feeble headlights allowed, which was basically the distance from my outstretched, white-knuckled hand to my face. When we finally reached our cottage in the Lofotens, exhausted and on edge, I couldn’t believe how much more pleasant it was to watch snow from the window of a house rather than the window of a car.

Moral of the story

If you find yourself above the Arctic Circle in winter, where there’s snow, there’s probably blizzard. 

Photo : Narvik, Norway / February 2016

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